Why ANZ Migration

ANZ migration offers professional advice depending on your needs


  • Immediate telephone +91-9654554595 consultation to answer all your questions.
  • Understand and develop strategies that work for various applications.
  • Our fee for Handling Skilled migration A$ 4000, Business Migration A$8000-10,000. However the client can approach the Immigration Authorities and lodge the application of their own without using the consultant. They can get the information from www.immi.gov.au for Australia and www.Immigration .govt.nz for Newzealand.


  • We provide full legal representation and look after you from beginning to end.
  • We complete all forms, compile all the documents and make the submissions to Immigraiton office.
  • We communicate directly with Immigration office, on your behalf, to ensure constant processing.

Benefits of Speaking with an Registered Immigration Consultant

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Communication between you and your Immigration lawyer is protected by rules of confidentiality. This means that Immigration Consultant cannot disclose your information to others, including the Government of Australia and newzealand, without your consent. Other representatives cannot guarantee this type of privacy.

Knowledge and Experience

Australian and Newzealand Immigration law and policy is complex and always changing. Errors and omission can cause significant delays, higher costs, refusals and even detention and removal from Canada. An Immigration Consultant can advise you of your rights and obligations from the start. Immigration Consultant are part of a network of qualified Consultant across Australia and newzealand.

Education and Specialized Training

Immigration Consultant complete several years of legal education as well as practical training before becoming licensed to practise law. Immigration lawyers are required to complete continuing professional development to enhance knowledge and practice skills. You benefit from years of education and specialized training dedicated to Immigration law.

Regulated and Accountable

Immigration Consultant are licensed and supervised by provincial or territorial law societies that ensure competence, professionalism and ethics. Law societies ensure that Immigration Consultants are accountable to the public they serve. ANZ migration are specialist in Visa and Immigration services for Skilled Workers, Business Class intending to invest in, Australia and newzealand , Family Immigration , Work Permit Visas, Canada Student Visas.
ANZ migration has served people from around the World, majorly from INDIA, SRI LANKA, BANGLADESH, PAKISTAN, MIDDLE EAST, SAUDI ARABIA, KUWAIT, DUBAI, NIGERIA, PHILLIPPINES. We offer Counseling, Free Evaluation and assessment services.

Our Fees

Skilled Migration Fees-$4000
Partner visa fees-$2500
Parent Visa-$3500