New Zealand Business Visa categories have been designed to contribute to economic growth in New Zealand by attracting business owners, investors and entrepreneurs. Visa categories can be either for permanent residence, or temporary entry with the option to lead to residence after several years subject to meeting conditions of policy.

The three type of Business Migration Visas:

  • Long Term Business Visa (LTBV) – Is a three year work visa which aims to provide enough time for the applicant to move to New New Zealand and set up their business before applying for New Zealand Residence.
  • Entrepreneur (Residence) – You can apply for New Zealand Residence as an Entrepreneur if you have run a business for two years.
  • Investor (Residence) – A New Zealand Residence category for business people who are looking to reside and invest in New Zealand without starting a business.

Long Term Business Visa (LBTV)
The aim of the Long Term Business Visa is to attract migrants who have been operating their own business and want to begin a business in New Zealand.
  • It is a temporary work visa/permit for 3 years allowing self-employment in New Zealand.
  • You need to own at least 25% of the shareholding of a business and actively involved in the management and operation of the business.